What is the environment?

It is where we all live, work and play.  Our aim is to create a safe, comfortable and homely one for those we provide care and support for. Working with them to be a valued part of the wider environment, participating and enjoying their lives, gaining fulfilment and achieving their aims, building their purpose. The environment we create, the use of light, of temperature, and sound are influencers, these have been considered and designed into the fabric of the home. Personal rooms can be decorated and fitted to suit personal needs.

Our vibrant communal facilities are there for the use and enjoyment of those who live here, to build confidence and develop residents for their social and work life outside of Hazel Homes. For those with Autism, everyday tasks can be a challenge for both the individual and their family, through robust person-centred planning, our support is designed to equip the individual with the skills they need to live well.

Apart from the skilled and knowledgeable in-house team, we are to draw on a wide range of expertise from across the social care and health sectors, providing the time need to build working relationships that give positive outcomes, focussing on independence and personal wellbeing.

The development of supportive technology is proving beneficial, smart technology has transformed many lives. Development is rapid and we are always alert for innovation that will improve and benefit the lives of the residents.